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Bahawa A2 milk Ordinary regular milk
Produced by Indian Origin Gir cows Produced by Hybrid Jersey and Holstein Friesian (HF) cows
Pure unprocessed raw milk in its natural form with nutrients intact. Milk is pasteurised and homogenised which reduces its nutrient value.
Enriched with A2 Beta-Casein protein Contains A1 Beta-Casein protein
Naturally produced milk without use of growth hormone injections, antibiotics or GMOs. Our cows are fed with natural organic fodder and cattle feed without chemical or animal ingredients. Increasing productivity by forcing cows to produce milk in unnatural and highly stressful conditions with the use of growth hormone injections, antibiotics or GMOs.
Antioxidant Glutathione (GSH) present helps preventing cancer Causes type-1 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, autism, schizophrenia and sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS).
Has Colostrum like ‘mother’s milk’ which is high in protein and improves immunity Causes Seasonal allergic rhinitis and other intolerances
Has Cerebrosides which increases brain sharpness and power Causes Stomach aches, cramps and irritable bowel syndrome
No Animal Cruelty. Our cows are not confined into one place. Our cows are graced on open pastures and given natural organic fodders, feeds, and minerals. Approx. 50 million dairy cows and buffaloes are suffering every day in unacceptably poor welfare conditions confined to a small place with large livestock.
We are not just into selling Milk. We are preserving the soon-to-be extinct Indian cow breeds and bringing back the lost charm and glory of the Indian Cows. Cross breeding, mutation and GMOs have led to decline of Indian cow breeds and boosted the foreign cow breeds to meet the increasing demand for milk.
Eco friendly packaging in a glass bottle Usually plastic bottles or pouches are used to deliver milk.
Our direct to home connect removes all middle men involved thereby ensuring that the milk your family drinks is not tampered 68% of milk in India is adulterated with water, detergent powder or worse products.
Bahawa Organic Farm is Mumbai’s Only A2 Milk brand led by a Mother to offer the Safest Transition Milk to Your Child.
Raw, Undiluted, Non Homogenized, Chemical Free - 100% Pure Desi Cow milk

Being organic is our motto and the same is reflected in the quality of our products. Our A2 milk has NO chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormone injections or detergents. It is just pure raw milk delivered to you after milking the cows.

Milking by Humans, Not Machines..Yet it is Fully Hygienic!

We care for the cows just like our family and so we are against torturing the cows with automated milking processes. Machines have no feelings and hence, they will not know when to stop if it's hurting the cows while milking. Our milkmen use hand gloves, head caps and face masks to milk the cows. Calves are fed first and then milking is performed.

Expert Care of Cows managed by Experts

Our Indian breed Gir cows are being looked after by a traditional family of Cowherds located in Alandi, Pune, who are in the occupation of breeding and grazing Desi Gir cows from many generations. Backed with years of vast experience, they know every pulse of the cows and ensure the cows are always in the pink of their health.

Robust Delivery System..On Time, Everytime!

Our fleet of delivery boys ensure fresh milk gets delivered to your homes on time and everytime. Zero deliveries missed to date even during lockdown.

  • We belive in "Lesser the Shelf life, More fresher is the milk!
  • Unpasteurized - Non Homogenised - Unprocessed Raw A2 Cow milk.
  • No middlemen - Zero Adulteration risk
  • Lightening fast doorstep delivery within 24 hours of milking..On Time..Everytime!
  • Robust supply chain maintains 4 degree celsius temperature of the milk throughout the delivery process.
  • Bahawa Organic Farm delivers farm fresh Gir cow a2 milk within a few hours of milking directly from our farm to you.
  • Home delivery of Desi Gir Cow A2 Milk in Thane, Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.
  • Our Indian breed Gir cows are our Mothers! We strictly follow Ahinsak principles.
  • Our motto is simple - To preserve our Desi Indian breed Gir cows. Hence, we are against all forms of unethical practices like cross breeding, GMO's, etc.
  • Our practices are Driven By Quality and not Cost Conscious when it comes to the health of our cows and our customers.
  • Cows are fed superior quality fodder infused with herbs.
  • Dedicated staff to nurture and look after the hygiene of our mothers on the farm.
  • Daily checks by Cow Health Experts ensure our cows stay happy and remain healthy.
  • Necessary precautions to keep milking area, bottle filling and packaging facility free from Covid or external pathogens.
  • When you invest in your Health, you save your Wealth!
  • The quality of milk and eco-friendly packaging that we offer justifies our A2 Milk Price, hence making it the right choice for you and your family.
  • Glass containers contribute to the environment, which is why Bahawa Organic Farm delivers milk in eco-friendly glass bottles.
  • You can rinse the bottle once with water and place it near your door the other day.
  • Our delivery executive will collect the empty bottle while delivering a new bottle of milk.
  • Since our milk is unpasteurized to retain its nutritional content, we recommend to boil it once you receive the milk bottle.
  • To enjoy the wholesome goodness of raw milk for 2 days, boil the milk on a low flame.
  • Where should I buy fresh cow milk in Mumbai & Thane?? A2 cow milk in Mumbai? A2 cow milk in Thane? a2 milk supplier in Mumbai and Thane? where can I get Organic milk? Where to buy a2 milk online? best a2 cow milk? are the kinds of questions asked by mothers most of the times and A2 milk from Bahawa Organic Farm is an answer to all their questions.
  • The nutrient-dense farm fresh a2 milk is now available near you! Get A2 Milk in Mumbai & Thane delivered right to your doorstep.
  • Today Bahawa organic farm is one of Mumbai's best farm fresh A2 Milk and hand churned Vedic A2 Ghee producers. We offer high-quality and Grassfed A2 Milk that provides you with the right amount of vitamins to boost your immunity.
  • Bring health and happiness to your home, with pure, natural, fresh n creamy raw A2 milk and A2 milk products everyday … Delivered directly from our farm to your home.
  • Our ghee is made from Free Range Gir Cow's Whole Milk. Our desi cows are grazed in the forest with grass, leaves, and herbs. Our milk is always produced without any use of antibiotics, hormones or toxic pesticides.; gir cow ghee, desi cow ghee. Get the shudh desi ghee benefits right at your doorstep. Buy your jar of a2 cow ghee online!
  • Shop Now 100% Organic A2 Gir Cow Ghee online in India from Bahawa Organic Farm.
  • Our A2 Ghee is available for purchase on our shop page and Bahawa app. If you'd like to place a bulk order, contact us directly.